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Ultimate Guide to Your First Wedding Fair

All your wedding needs under one roof – an exciting but also intimidating thought. Without proper planning, it’s easy to become overwhelmed/distracted at wedding fair, and walk away having achieved very little. Whether you’re newly engaged and in need of inspiration, or further along your wedding planning journey, take note of the following tips…

Our guide to surviving your first wedding fair

• Research beforehand
There are tons of wedding fairs, exhibitions and showcases up and down the country. Do your research! Look at location and overview of suppliers to see which would be the best fit for you.

• Buy ticket, if needed
Check if the event you wish to attend is ticketed. If so, buy ahead of time – certain wedding fairs are very popular and can sell out.

• Prioritise
With so many people milling about and so much to see, some of the larger fairs can be difficult to get around. A list of exhibitors is always available in advance, so you can plan which stalls you want to see most.

• Come armed with a plan
Set yourself a couple of small, simple goals that are realistic and manageable. E.g. settle on a style of cake and find a florist. Doing this will help to keep you focused and leave with a sense of accomplishment.

• Think wisely about who to bring
Of course, you will want someone to help you make those all-important decisions for your big day – perhaps your partner, your mum or maybe your best friend. But avoid bringing too many people as you don’t want lots of different opinions clouding your judgement.

• Dress appropriately
You’ll be amazed at how much ground you cover walking between the various stalls. Comfortable clothes and flat shoes are a must! And ideally an outfit that’s easy to pop off and on again if you plan to try on dresses or suits.

What to bring

– A bottle of water

– A good sized bag for leaflets + brochures you pick up

– Heels (if you plan to try on dresses)

– Your diary or calendar

– A pen

– Portable phone charger


We will be hosting our own Autumn Wedding Showcase on Sunday 20th October, where you can see our stunning venue dressed for  a wedding and meet some of our favourite local suppliers.