Expert advice for a winter wedding at West Tower Lancashire

Expert advice for a Winter Wedding at West Tower

Consider your lighting options

Lighting is an important element of every wedding, no matter what the time of year. Cleverly done, it creates a wonderful ambience, often at very little cost. At West Tower, your winter wedding breakfast in our Ballroom wedding reception venue will look stunning by candlelight, and you might choose to use other lighting in the room. Highlight the garden and line terraces and pathways with hurricane lamps for a romantic feel.

Lighting at a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Nicole Photography

Make the most of the venue

West Tower looks magical in the winter, especially when you take advantage of all the options available to you. Enjoy the cosy open fires of our exclusive wedding venue and entice your guests to the Leather Lounge and the Cellar Bar, decorating them with wonderful floral arrangements. The main central staircase is a great backdrop for photographs so another area to adorn with flowers. With its neutral colour palette, West Tower suits any colour scheme enabling you to choose your favourite for the season. Perhaps you’ll be traditional with strawberry reds and greens, or go for a more contemporary lavender and silver.

Make the most at a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Lawson Photography

Dress to suit the season

At West Tower, you need never brave the great outdoors if you don’t want to! At the most luxurious wedding venues in the North West, you can get ready in the Dom Perignon suite, marry in the Ballroom, which doubles as the wedding reception venue, and dine and dance the night away under one roof. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your options open and to have a wrap or shawl to hand if you would like to go outside. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a crisp winter’s day with a blue sky – often the perfect weather for a welcome drink on the terrace and some photographs on the lawn. Consider your bridesmaids too… they don’t want to shiver beside you during the photos!

Outfits at a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Ian MacMichael Photography

Don’t forget the details

Some of the most memorable elements of a wedding day are in the smallest of details. Favours don’t have to be expensive but are a thoughtful touch. At a winter wedding, you might offer something festive like a Christmas tree bauble. Alternatively, how about a bag of treats to take home with ingredients for a hot chocolate and a bag of cookies?

Details at a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Infused Studios

Choose a seasonal menu

A successful wedding breakfast menu always suits the season, from refreshing salads and delicate main course options in the summer to warming soups and luxurious chocolate puddings in the winter. The West Tower wedding menu offers an abundance of choice, so be sure to select dishes that work well in the winter. After the sun goes down, consider serving a hog roast in the Leather Lounge.

Food for a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Hervé Gillet Photography

Think of your guests

Happy guests result in a great winter wedding, so it’s important to ensure your guests are comfortable at all times. If it’s particularly cold, you might offer a hot drink when they arrive, and ensure there is somewhere to hang coats. At the end of the evening, while some guests will be spending the night, others will be leaving. Be sure to light their way and offer assistance beforehand with transport and accommodation arrangements. Our wedding venue has 19 bedrooms and room for up to 45 people to stay overnight.

Lanterns at a Winter Wedding at West Tower Lancashire © Nicole Photography